Rockonliving Store

Currently Under Construction! But, for now you can click the links below to be directed to Amazon to check out our collections of thoughts and words.

If you are looking for Vickie’s little memoir on our journey and final decision to try homeschooling, A Lifestyle of Learning, it is available on Amazon for around $13.

If you are looking for some Daily Inspiration, check out Quinn’s book, Insights for a Life in Balance: A Daily Dose of Quotes, available on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback for around $5 or $15.

And, finally the youngest of the Rockonliving Family, Kamiko has the sweetest book she hand drew all images and came up with the phrases and quotes all on her own when she was so little! She titled it, “The Book of Life: Stuff You Can Follow to Have a Happy Life.” One of the best quotes she shared “Love Keeps Going” has become a source of great comfort to some who were in pain. Great gift!