First Day of School – 2016-17 Year.

Welcome to the ENSO Academy!

We are currently in our fifth year of homeschooling.  I am the Chief Administrator, Principal, Janitor, Cook, Counselor, Financial Advisor and Teacher of our school.  We are a secular homeschool that has morphed into a modified unschoolish school that has structure but allows for opportunities of enchanted learning or “pixie dust” learning…I completely embrace what is termed, The Bravewriter Lifestyle by Julie Bogart which beautifully fuses education and life…to remind home educators that you are not ‘school at home’ — to allow yourself permission to flick off the ghost of public school past and create a home that sparks creativity, curiosity and learning…

I have a FaceBook Page called Rockonliving – Homeschool  if you are interested in following our little homeschool in real life action –

The ENSO circle, in Zen Buddhism, is a circle that is hand drawn (usually with only one stroke) in a state when the mind is allowed to be free.  The circle is supposed to represent or symbolize the current state of the artist.    In Japanese calligraphy it is a symbol, not a character for enlightenment, strength, and the universe and the void.  The circle can be open or closed (I prefer open).  The open circle representing the beauty in the imperfection of life – that we are complete and incomplete at all times.