Hello!  Thanks for visiting Rockonliving!   Let me introduce you to my family!  Quinn and I are in our mid/late 40’s raising three girls ages 10, 13 and 15 in Raleigh, NC.  We met at Kent State University, Ohio in 1989 and have been together over 25 years!  I could never have predicted the path our lives would have taken back then, but what an awesome ride it has been!  Being a ‘rule follower’ my entire childhood, the concept of  ‘living upstream’ was, at first, a disorienting, dizzying and lonely experience.  Now, after some practice at swimming against the current, it feels like the right skin — I can not imagine it any other way.

I am a full time stay at home mother and home educator.  We are currently in our 5th year of homeschooling.  I was a critical care nurse before transitioning into my new roles and loved my time at the bedside and working in the hospital.  I am a lover of nature, astronomy, history, government, science and weather.  I am not a fangirl of math…wish I was, but that is not my legacy.  I enjoy creating warm, cozy spaces and sprinkling pixie dust to the ordinary.  I love a good book, a cozy fire and a really good glass of red wine.

My husband, Quinn is a rockstar!  He is the owner and director of a holistic health practice called The Center in Raleigh, NC – The Center  He also runs an online holistic health consulting business Online Holistic Medicine.  Quinn has published a book (and is in the process of completing another called “Insights for a Life in Balance”).  In addition, he seeks adrenalin rushes, loves cooking, plays guitar, enjoying a glass of wine, long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain…lol.


kayah-school-pictureKayah is 15  and I call her my renaissance girl. She has a passion for academics and is extremely self-motivated and directed – she is currently learning 5 languages on her own…does not get that gene from me!  The best way I can describe my eldest is in a story.  My daughter, who isn’t one to display too much emotion, visited our Natural History Museum last Spring to view one of Shakespeare’s Folios.  It was a small exhibit – basically a glass case with one of Shakespeare’s Folios open to the “to be or not to be” speech.  We all were in impressed and the decided to leave – as we were walking out, Kayah asked if she could go back in to just see it one more time before we left.  After about 15 minutes, she came out  in tears, what we would call ‘ugly crying.’   She was so moved to emotion at seeing his actually writings, she could not contain her emotion…it took her almost 30 minutes to get herself together. This child was moved…deeply.  Kayah is a voracious reader, loves to dance, holds season tickets to the Carolina Ballet and has as solid of a moral compass of anyone I know.



Kira is our 13 year old fun loving, go with the flow social engineer.  Kira has a special sensitivity for people and animals — especially those with challenges or unique situations.  Kira is naturally inclined in sports, dance and recently discovered rock climbing and figure skating.  Kira plays guitar and sings and like many things, enjoys more alternative music.  Kira has two guinea pigs, “Poppy” & “Ragweed.”   While Kira is an extremely outgoing little girl, she also loves time alone and in her home – she is fan of cozy spaces. Kira is a child that doesn’t talk much and then will delight or surprise you with an accomplishment.  Kira’s preschool teacher summed her up best, “Kira is a friend to everyone.”



kamiko-swim-picKamiko is a master of words – a messenger.  Quinn jokes that Kamiko is really the boss of our family – and I think I agree.  Being our 3rd, I feel we have ‘parented’ her the least and as a result, I feel she has the most solid sense of self – she can not be talked into, persuaded or requested to do something she does not wish.  She has a golden heart and generates amazing insight with people and situations.  She is the person that knows when a hug, given at exactly the right time, has the potential to end a war.  Kamiko published her first book this year, called “The Book of Life” Kamiko’s Book of Life  and has her own business making all natural soaps and greeting cards – see her Facebook Page Lakeshore Farms Natural Soaps & Gifts  Kamiko loves swimming.  Period.  When she was 6 we were leaving our community pool and she grabbed my hand to stop me and said, “I want to do that.”  — she was pointing at the swim team practicing and I said, kind of shocked, “Miko…you want to be on the swim team?”  She replied, “yes.”  I kind of giggled and said, “Ok then, lets go check it out…and she not only joined the swim team that summer, but now loves swim year round on her competitive team called Marlin’s of Raleigh.  One of Miko’s favorite quotes, “You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to train like Michael Phelps.” 

We also have a hermit crab, 15 chickens, muligenerational live and as a family love traveling, watching the Goldbergs, Survivor and I am ashamed to admit, Toddlers and Tiaras.  We really like to do pretty much anything as a family.  We were fortunate to have children that are not afraid to swim upstream with their parents and are happy to share them with you all.  Thanks for visiting!  I look forward to getting to know you!