About Me

I have always wanted to be a rockstar – who doesn’t, right?  To live out loud, passionately, honestly, raw and artistically.  If you have ever heard me sing, you know that was not in my cards this go around.  (However, I can karaoke a fierce Celine Dion “My Heart Will Go On.”  And by “fierce” I mean terrible, loud, off-key but committed).

What I have realized is I can (and you can) be  a rockstar!  We can be rockstars of our own lives.  Embracing some of the qualities and attributes of the rock star life, we can apply them to our every day lives and step onto the stage of life and ‘rock it out!’

The idiom “swimming upstream” is not one I thought as a young girl I would embrace.  I was always a ‘rule follower’ – I was always afraid of letting people down, or disappointing people (I bet a few of you can relate) or rocking the boat.  I took very little risk and was a high achiever and some might say, overachiever.  I wanted nothing more than to go with the flow, stay with the pod, all swimming in the same direction…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

I know strongly feel grounded in the concept of ‘swimming upstream’ –  of paying attention to your life and how it is working for you and to be brave enough to swim against the current when needed.  I actually like the term I created, “living upstream” — now maybe someone else has come up with that idea or concept before, I don’t know, but it is exactly my philosophy.

To be honest, to tell yourself the truth and answer the question “am I happy?”  And, I do not mean like the happy emotion that is transient and sometimes attached to moments or things, but truly happy.  Peaceful. Inspired.  Engaged.  Enchanted with your life.   For me, living upstream meant being vegetarian, homeschooling my children and creating and living multigenerational with my husband’s family.  These ‘jumps’ upstream required enormous changes in how we were relating to life and have and still do challenge just about every expectation I was told or role modeled as a child.

My highest desire with this blog is to create an inspired community that is ready to ‘live upstream’ and like a rockstar, “rock on!”

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