Dear Tired Mama,

One day you will miss this. I promise. So, tired mama, today as you race around town from activity to activity, as you whip together snacks, meals, send in treats for your children’s class, as you sit in carpool, while you sit in the car waiting for them to come out, while you wrap presents at midnight, as you bake cupcakes for the class, clean the house, as you continue to drain your wallet to fund their lives, as you worry if they are ok, as you wait for them after curfew, as you drive them to 5am sports practice on weekends, as you worry about their broken heart, as you wait for them after curfew, as you throw away the milk container left in the fridge with no milk left inside for the 100th time, as you grocery shop, as you grocery shop, as you grocery shop, as you make doctor appointment after doctor appointment, as you lecture, as you listen, as you replace the toilet paper roll, fill the gas tank, ignore your teenager’s rolling of the eyes, fight over pee-pee in the potty or cleaning up accidents in their pants, bathing, picking up toys, falling into bed exhausted, reading Good Night Moon for the 6 millionth time, as you do “one-two-three” swing with our partner till your arm aches, cleaning sticky fingers, sticky couches and sticky floors, doing laundry, folding tiny clothes day after day after day, when you hold your breath as they drive away in the family car solo for the first time, as you beg your teenagers to get to bed before midnight, as they take off with friends to a party, as you clean up glitter off the floor, as you half asleep stumble to their crib to feed them again, you will miss this. I promise.

4 thoughts on “Dear Tired Mama,

  1. Again, absolutely lovely writing, Vickie.  I can’t imagine what you are going through right now as you prepare for  your sweet Kayah to leave  the nest. What are her plans? Please let me know if you ever have time for a socially distanced outing. I would love to catch up. I have been fully vaccinated, but will take all precautions still.  Miss you MAMA! Julie 

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  2. I so enjoyed reading this and you know I can relate since you and I talked about this many years ago when you were thinking about home schooling. Some times it seems like only yesterday that I was complaining to my dad that I couldn’t wait till my kids were old enough to at least dress themselves and here they are today with families of their own. One of the things we can’t replace is time we lost. This is one of the main things I’ve hated during this virus quarantine , time with our girlies and you and Quinn and going to Andy’s and spending time with his boys. AJ wanted to come and stay with us for a week or 2
    during his winter break which ended up being cancelled . Enjoy every moment you have with your kids.

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    • So beautifully stated Judy. I know so many people are feeling so sad about time and ultimately memories that were stolen from them during this pandemic. We can just hope the end is in site and we will be able to be with our friends and family again really soon. Thank you for thoughtful response, it is appreciated. You have always been Quinn & my number one supporter of our decision to homeschool and I will forever be grateful for that. xxoo


  3. Hey Julie! Yes, we are definitely navigating the bittersweet feelings with Kayah preparing to start her next chapter of life! I would LOVE to get together soon and have some time together. I will send you a text soon. I am glad you are vaccinated, it has to give you peace of mind as a front-line worker. 🙂 Love you Julie!!


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